Luxury as a statement

Womb intends to create pieces with a bold design and to set trends where the only limit is the viability of the high standards of quality.

the pieces intend to generate new ex- periences to the users, as well as the ability to travel without moving.

We look to partner with the best interior designs in the world to bring our pieces to the public.

Design & Expert craftsmanship

You can order chairs designed under your own sketch. You provide us with information about your wishes and vision and consult our experts team. Then our professional team start to translate your ideas into reality.

You can also order premium chairs cleaning, repair and maintenance services. Your furniture becomes clean and looks as new one thank to our professional services. On shop Furnicity it you will not only find design proposals but also the inspiration to make your desires come true.

Frequent Questions

Where can I find WOMB itens?

We work with several interior design professionals all over the world, please contact us for more info

Can the item’s be customized?

Yes, in all pieces you can select the available finishes and even change the standard sizes.

Can Womb help us with contract work?

Yes, we have a team of designers, as well as our own production units ready to work with you and help in any project.